Our families say it best.

Here are just a few of the testimonials we've received from the families of our students.

"Exceeded our expectations"

"My husband and I have so many good things to say about El Bosque Encantado. After having interviewed several childcare centers in the area, we found that none of them fit our expectations completely. When we learned about EBE opening up, our interest was immediate. Since interviewing and enrolling our 17 month old son, our expectations not only have been met but they have been exceeded.  

Our son loves going to school; he truly enjoys the social aspect of playing with other children and he enjoys his teachers. EBE prioritizes the safety, learning and fun of their enrolled children.

We love knowing that not only is our son in good hands as far as excellent childcare, but he is also getting exposed to a whole foreign language by native speakers, a truly priceless experience.

Giving our son this opportunity makes us so thrilled that a school such as EBE is an option for us."

Perla, mother of EBE student

Loving, safe, and enriching

As a mother, I desire for my children to be in environment that is loving, safe, and enriching. I have found all three of these qualities at El Bosque Encantado. The atmosphere is lovely. My children have been in other daycare settings and El Bosque Encantado is by far the best place to home.  It is obvious that all the teachers not only have a passion for teaching but actually love my children.

Since my children have been attending school here they have both increased their knowledge of Spanish and other pre-academic skills. They receive not only Spanish but lessons on other cultures as well as have plenty of time for free play and physical activity.

My background in education has allowed me to observe many daycares within the community. El Bosque Encantado surpasses them all. I am able to go to work every day and feel confident with the hands they are in. I feel less guilty about being a full time working mother because of the love they receive. 

I am excited to watch the opportunities unfold for my children because of what they are learning today at El Bosque Encantado. I believe people are called to do specific and exciting things in life and it is clear this place is run by a true calling and mission.

Katie, mother of Jonathan (3). 

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