Nutrition at El Bosque

LancerDining logoLancer Dining Services will be providing nutritious meals to El Bosque on a daily basis. Lancer is a peanut-free and pork-free company to accommodate a wide array of cultural traditions and health concerns. The monthly lunch menu they have created for us is based on governmental guidelines; visit for details.

El Bosque serves hormone-free milk or water at all meal and snack times. We will NEVER serve pop or sugary substances like Kool-Aid.

Snacks are healthy and filling (fruits, vegetables, crackers) and we will not serve overly processed snacks like fruit roll-ups, fruit snacks, etc.

Students are allowed to bring treats for their birthday. Please let us know if your child has special restrictions.

Weekly tuition includes lunch. Should you desire to provide lunch for your child, you may do so, but tuition will remain the same. If your child has special dietary requirements or allergies there may be an additional food charge.